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"Rev. Ray Vester has come to Refuge Church of Jesus Christ three or four times and every time he comes he brings an excitement to our church.  Everyone in the church here loves Ray and we support him when ever we can.  Most all my congregation has if not one but several of his anointed CD's.  Some members have all of them.  If you have not had Ray at your church you are missing a blessing.  Rev. Vester is just real.  I encourage you to book Rev. Vester and you will see what I am talking about.  We all are excited to have him back again this year in 2013 and in the future."
Paster Colley A. Williams
Refuge Church of Jesus Christ
Columbus, GA
"Ray's music was a blessing to our church over the weekend we had him here.  It was great to have Ray minister and worship with us as we are in this change in our church's life.  His music is blessed by God and this shows through whether he is telling a humorous story, singing a song, or playing the piano.  He is someone that once you have heard him in concert you will want to have to your church over and over again!  We are already looking forward to the next time we have him in concert!"
Kevin M. Johnson
Minister of Music
MCC - Charlotte
" Ray Vester came to minister the Word and song at our Anniversary Revival/Overflow Celebration and we were truly blessed ! Not only is He gifted and talented, but most importantly, anointed. He listens to the Holy Spirit as he ministers and people are blessed and changed by Jesus. He brings the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ with conviction, humor, and love. I would recommend his ministry to any church."
  Pastor Kelly Spence             Master's Commission New Covenant Church
Columbus, OH
"Ray Vester has the marvelous gift of combining humor with a deep Christian message, all wrapped up in a" country boy".  But don't be fooled by his simplicity, there is a deep anointing and a powerful message both in his own written music and the message he shares.  He has an amazing way of getting his point across without getting that preachy-thing going on.... I could listen to him sing all day long.... He makes it REAL and ALWAYS strikes a NERVE!!!!! His main goal is to promote the simple message of the love of Jesus for all of us!!!! As a former Assembly of God Pastor for 12 years, I very rarely sense the deep commitment and anointing as I did on Ray.  His ministry will inspire and touch you, it will bring you closer to God , it will make you laugh it will make you cry, and when it is all over you will have an made a friend with a country boy who loves Jesus."
  Rev. Frank Drago, Jr.
"Ray's relaxed and inspired style of music is a like a refreshing breath from the Holy Spirit! His zeal to share the great news of Jesus Christ shines through his passionate testimony and uplifting message of God's life-changing love for all people!"
  Rev.DannyA.Spears                                      MCC of Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi, TX

"Ray Vester brings the fire of his southern roots to an affirming, positive ministry for our community.  His songs are filled with praise for God's unconditional love for all people, a commitment to his faith, and the toe-tapping gospel rhythms that make hearts soar with joy.

Ray in concert is a tent revival.  His testimony is proof that with God all things are possible.  His ministry is a blessing and Ray is a joy to know.  Ray stepped out in faith to put his ministry on the road.  Water of Life MCC in Tucson, AZ was truly blessed by his presence, his music and his spirit."

  Beth Russler
Music Director
Water of Life, MCC                      Tucson, AZ

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ray for the wonderful weekend we shared.  The Saturday evening concert was fun, uplifting and spirit-filled.  We also appreciate your preaching for us on Sunday morning.  It is obvious that you are anointed by God for the special work that you are doing.  Please accept out thanks and gratitude and feel free to use me as a reference in the future for those churches who are interested in having you come to share with their congregation.  They will be blessed!"

  Pastor Monica Ledford
Christ First International Christian Church
Gainesville, GA

"We were fortunate to have Ray Vester with us for an entire weekend.  He is not only a gifted musician, but also an inspired speaker.  Our congregation enjoyed  his toe-tapping, hand-clapping concert that had us all laughing as well as crying, as well as his message on Sunday morning directly from the Holy Spirit.  I would encourage any church to invite Ray to bring his message of love, hope and redemption to them.  Enjoy the concert and learn from his teaching!  We can't wait to have him back next year!"

  Reverend Steve Garrett
New Day Christian Community Church
Greenville, SC

Ray Vester blessed MCC Lehigh Valley with his gift of song, Word and sharing his personal spiritual journey!  Ray's vital ministry to the world is to share the Good News that all are accepted and valued by our awesome God.  The people of MCCLV were deeply touched by Ray's vocal and instrumental interpretations, the joy shown on their faces throughout the evening.  I left Ray's concert feeling filled, comforted and loved by God.  Praise God for Ray's ministry!

  Rev. Elizabeth Goudy
Pastor, MCCLV
Allentown, Pa

Are you looking for a creative, inspiring way to liven up your worship service?  Well, I want to share with you the marvelous, blessed experience we had when Ray presented his unique blend of Southern Gospel musical selections during our worship service.  We folks up north are often regarded as Godís ďfrozen chosenĒ but the Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way and we were compelled to clap our hands.  Our congregation even stood up to clap, move and sing along with Rayís final song!  For a church that is steeped in German Reformed tradition thatís bordering on miraculous!  We look forward to Ray coming to us again to share his gift of music and pray God will continue to anoint him to share the good news of Jesus and the heavenly kingdom in which we all hope.

  Rev. Sue A. McCoy                   St. Peterís UCC
Allentown, PA
It is an honor to recommend Ray Vester to you! Ray is no stranger to Gospel music, having sung Southern Gospel for many years. But don't be fooled into thinking he is limited to Southern Gospel! Ray's voice resonates as he croons Contemporary Gospel songs such as, "Dust To Dust" and "Come To The Master."
Ray Vester sings the Gospel message with an anointing that is evident not only in his voice, but also in his manner and stage presence. His dedication to God is loud and clear in his original songs such as "God Never Gave Up On Me" and "I've A Longing In My Heart." Years from now, people will talk about his ageless yet prophetic "Judge Me Not."
As you will see for yourself, Ray centers his whole ministry around Jesus Christ. Don't miss out on a wonderful opportunity to be blessed by the gifts of this artist!
  Rev. A. Keith Mozingo
The Rock MCC
Chattanooga, TN
I really recommend you to try out Ray Vester. His blend of Southern Gospel and contemporary will appeal to all tastes. Beautiful voice, beautifully presented! You will be blessed.
  Rev Doreen Shambrook, Pastor
Spirit of Life MCC
New Port Richey, FL
Ray Vester has ministered at Holy Cross MCC in Pensacola on two separate occasions and has blessed us both times. Ray has a passion for sharing the Good News of the Gospel in song. He especially appeals to folks who enjoy Southern Gospel music. His concerts are uplifting and his testimony is authentic.
  Rev. Sandy O'Steen
Senior Pastor
Holy Cross Metropolitan Community Church
415 North Alcaniz
Pensacola, FL 32501
(850) 433-8528
(850) 432-4712 fax
Ray Vester is pure country!! He brings his love for Jesus and sense of humor with his very folksy style. Ray loves what he does and it shows! He will add a special sparkle to your worship service or music program.
  Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson
Church of the Trinity MCC
Sarasota, FL 34243K
(941) 355-0847
"Ray Vester is a gifted musician, and it is clear that the Holy  Spirit works through him."
  Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline
MCC Richmond
Richmond, VA