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The youngest of three siblings, Ray Vester was born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC. At an early age, he became a Christian and soon after southern gospel music became his passion.

At the tender age of 19 Ray recorded his first record in 1979. The first song he ever wrote was on this record. “Come Soon Jesus“ was the song and was recorded by several other groups over the years. Shortly after recording his first record Ray formed his first trio called “The Faith in Action Singers". The group enjoyed some success for several years but the group was retired in 1982.

During the summer of 1982 Ray played the piano for "The Kings Messengers" from Pikeville , NC . With a longing in his soul to sing Ray formed the trio named “The Gospel Laymen ". The trio became very popular and performed in many churches and auditoriums. The Gospel Laymen recorded two albums during the 3 years it was together.

In 1985 Ray joined "The Monarchs"; he wrote and recorded "This Man from Galilee " on the "Naturally" album. This song received a lot of radio play and was very popular with audiences on the East Coast.

After all the years of being silent in southern gospel music God made a way for Ray to sing again! January 2003 was a sad time in his life but yet a new beginning. Ray was comforted and inspired by God through music in the days following his mother's death. He sat down at his keyboard with a sense of urgency and God began to pour new songs into his spirit. Ray returned to the recording studio March 28, 2003 to record the new CD entitled "Back Again". His mother Arlene Vester wrote two special songs "Rejoice in God’s Love" and "Jesus Is My Everything" on the CD.

In 2004 Ray release a new project entitled “From the Heart” which included “Time Traveler” written by his brother Richard Vester and “My Prayer” written by Ray’s mother Arlene Vester.  

In 2005 Ray released two new projects. “Here and Now”, Ray’s third vocal CD includes “All your Love” written by Ray’s brother Richard Vester. Ray also released his first instrumental CD entitled “Keyboard Favorites”. 

2005 Was a very exciting year for Ray Vester ministries!  Ray is preaching again after many years and will be touring the US and Canada in 2006 sharing his ministry.

2006 Brought a renewed excitement for Ray Vester Ministries!  Ray has released 2 new projects “I’m Still Standing” and “Ray Vester 80’s Collection” which is a HIV/AIDS project.

2007 New project "Freedom" was released.  In August Ray underwent major surgery and due to complications ended up with Gangrene and almost died.   In October Ray underwent emergency surgery to remove the Gangrene tissue.  God brought him “Through the fire”!   During this time Ray was off the road from doing Ministry.

2008 Was full of wonderful moments but yet Ray faced more surgeries. In March Ray had another major surgery and once again had more complications.  Because of the complications Ray was in severe pain and unable to work.   So in November Ray underwent another surgery to remove a nerve that was entrapped during the surgery in March.  Ray continued to be off the road from doing Ministry as well as being out of work a total of 6 months.

    However during Ray’s time of sickness he was approached by Randy Stalls from “Vision Quest Music Group” with an offer of a Recording Contract.  Even though Ray was going through so much God gave him the strength and courage to sign the Recording Contact and history was made for Ray Vester Ministries.  The Label released the new CD “Sail Away” in July.  In October the single entitled “It’s All Good” was released to Southern Gospel Radio Stations Nationwide and debuted at #28 on the Christian Country Gospel National Chart!   By December the single hit #1 on the Christian Country Gospel National Chart.  The single also debuted at #60 on the Southern Gospel Top 100 Hits and has stayed at that spot for 4 months as of January, 2009.  

2009 The single “It’s All Good” continues to be on the National Charts!  Ray is well and heading back “on the road again” for the “Sail Away” Tour. . After going through so many trials God truly has begun a new work in Ray Vesters’ life and Ministry!   The response to Ray’s return has been amazing so look for him in your area in 2009.

2010 February Ray’s new project entitled “Work in the Field” was released.  This year has brought new challenges to Ray’s life with being laid off from his full time job and Foreclosure on his home in Raleigh .  Ray relocated to Greer , SC in September and even though there has many trials Ray has continued to do ministry and record a new project that will be released early 2011 entitled “Southern Style”   Ray’s 1st single “Jesus Was A Mountain Man” from his upcoming project is already in Radio Stations Nationwide.

2011 Ray Vester is back on the road again for the “Southern Style” tour after a few months off. April 15, 2011 Ray Vester’s new CD entitled “Southern Style” was officially released!  Ray Vester Ministries is really excited about this new project and it is making quite a stir in Southern Gospel on the Radio and in live concerts.   The title track “Rock on for Jesus Southern Style” has been released as the 2nd single from the new project!  But the most requested song in live concerts has been “Right On Time”!  No matter what you are going through God is always right on time.

Ray Vester shares much more of his testimony as he travels all over the US doing concerts and preaching along with a lot of anointing and little humor thrown in for good measure, well a lot of humor! 

Ray has a very successful and awesome time on a Midwest tour in 2011.  God moved in a mighty way and many were blessed by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

After the Midwest tour Ray's health took a downward spiral and Ray has taken time off the road from doing ministry since October 2011.  Ray has continued to write songs and record during this time off and is releasing a brand new CD entitled "Free Indeed" sometime in June 2013.  Ray will be back on the road traveling and taking bookings from June 2013 going forward.  God has brought Ray through the fire yet again and Ray continues to have the victory!  Ray will be sharing his testimony of what God has done for him during the time off the road and people will not want to miss it!  Ray wants to thank all the churches that have stood by him during his time of health issues and for waiting steadfast in the faith that Ray would make a come back!  God is good!!!  Look for Ray in your area in 2013.